About Us

Made with love in Austin, Texas

Weeva is a micro publisher based in Austin, TX. We specialize in helping people make smart and beautiful books for kids and adults. Our company brings together writers, illustrators, and collaborators to produce titles that include bestsellers for children, business, lifestyle and more.

Books without compromise

Weeva deepens connections and meaning between people, enabling them to work together to capture and preserve shared wisdom and experience. We collect the world's most powerful stories and turn them into gorgeous show-stopping books that people treasure.

From Chaos to Clarity

Weeva is not a traditional publisher – we have a streamlined and innovative process that allows you to steadily move toward your goal without the stumbles of self-publishing or the loss of control of traditional publishing.

Weeva for Business

Take your brand into your customers' homes. Our books help you find a place in the hearts and minds of your customers. Our Company Culture and Legacy Books help you tell your authentic story, told by the people who made it extraordinary. And our Thought Leadership Books enable you to establish your credibility and expertise by curating the best thinking in your domain.

Weeva for Kids

Smart, beautiful books to inspire young readers. At Weeva, we are lovers of books. There is nothing like the smell and feel of a treasured book in your hands, awash on your chest as you fall asleep with your child close by your side enthralled with the pages that create a portal to curiosity and imagination.

Weeva - Tell it Together

Weeva collects and composes the world's most powerful stories. It's easier and more impactful than you think. Have an important story to tell? Give it the platform it deserves. Weeva guides you through the process of collecting the memories and photos—from you and your community—that make your story meaningful. Then, our team of professional designers and editors polish it into a distinctive, stunning presentation. Together, we’ll create something beautiful and moving, beyond what you thought was possible, and that lasts forever.