The Transformational Power of an Education

In this book, see the power of an education through the eyes of Mexican-Americans who rose to success from seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

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Humanity is connected by experiences: successes, failures, laughter, sorrow, compassion, love, and challenges. This collection of true stories focuses on Mexican-Americans who may have encountered seemingly insurmountable circumstances growing up but dared to dream and overcome these obstacles. The people in these stories all come from blue collar backgrounds, and while it may have seemed that another life wasn’t possible when they were younger, they all landed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), eventually becoming doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and more.

In this book, one will see the power of an education, view a cross-section of the underserved population as seen through the eyes of these successful Mexican-Americans, and realize that no matter the group, many of us share common experiences. The key point of this book is that if one is prepared to work hard, imagine a better future, and go after it with vision, creativity, and perseverance, then wonderful things become possible.


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  • 150 pages

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