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Avanza V2.0: Advancement Through Education

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This collection of true stories strives to serve as inspiration to our youth as part of the Avanza Network school outreach program. We hope to continue to promote a positive image of Mexican-Americans, STEAM, and a college education as part of Avanza's Mission in demonstrating the transformational power of an education.

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  • 8x8 softcover
  • 143 full-color pages
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Avanza Network

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The Avanza Network, is a non-profit organization fiscally sponsored by FJC. The Avanza Network inspires Mexican-American, Latinx, and other underrepresented students to achieve their full potential by increasing awareness of the transformational power of a college education. Avanza's goal is to significantly increase the number of members of these groups applying and being accepted at the highest level of college matriculation, to improve college graduation rates, and to emphasize the benefits of diverse career paths, highlighting the key benefits of STEAM proficiency, all while cultivating the group's pipeline of talent through the professional development life cycle.

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