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Best Catch 2020: Wholesale

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Best Catch 2020 is a yearbook and three-day online event celebrating the most iconic tournaments in the Americas and our growing community.

It explores the victors and unique culture of each tournament. From the tropical waters where blue marlins roam to the frigid ice holes where sturgeon swim, and even to the reeds and rocks where largemouth lurk, Best Catch 2020 salutes the tournaments, the champions, and the sport.

Featuring original commissioned artwork from acclaimed marine artist Carey Chen, the stunning coffee table yearbook is a work of art itself. Designed with a clear jacket stamped with Chen’s gorgeous fish imagery over a shimmering cover reminiscent of water’s mesmerizing flow, Best Catch 2020 will be the first in a series of annual memory books destined to become cherished family heirlooms for fishing enthusiasts.

  • Presented by Fly Navarro
  • 8x10 hardcover with dust jacket
  • 200-300 full-color pages
  • Features 60 hand-selected tournaments
  • Featuring Carey Chen artwork

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Fly Navarro

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Fly Navarro is an iconic friendly-face in so many fishing circles that he is hard to keep up with. Running tournaments, fishing tournaments, making very educational, yet fun to watch videos, inspiring and guiding youth anglers, and so much more.

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