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Puff & Spotzie Adventures - Oregon Trail

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Join Puff & Spotzie, two loveable cats and best friends with a magical secret —the toys in their toybox transport them back through time! When a tiny covered wagon whisks them away to the Missouri of the 1800s, they embark on a fantastic journey, discovering the fun, the beauty, and even the danger of life on the trail, from tales of gold mining to dances by campfire.

Puff & Spotzie is an interactive picture book series that takes readers on a captivating journey through time and space. Join these adventurous cats as they explore important historical events and places, meeting helpful local guides along the way.

Each book creates an immersive experience that includes fascinating facts and engaging activities that make history come alive for young readers.


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Courtney Morstatter

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Art by Rhys Waters
Author Courtney Morstatter

Courtney Morstatter is a fun-loving adventurer. She has been traveling with her loyal stuffed feline companions, Puff and Spotzie, since childhood. They love to travel the world together, learning and exploring new places. The “Puff & Spotzie Adventures” series was inspired by Courtney’s travels with her family and stuffed friends, along with her desire to teach children about the world around them by using the magic of their imagination to take them through time and make learning history exciting!

Courtney is a former preschool teacher. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband Andy, daughter Emma and three mischievous pets.

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