Fan Letters to Hayao Miyazaki
Fan Letters to Hayao Miyazaki

Letters to Hayao Miyazaki

Letters and artwork written in celebration of the great Anime master.

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Be inspired by a collection of fan-written letters that tell a beautiful story about the impact, strength, comfort, and joy, anime master Hayao Miyazaki has provided to his fans with his incredible movies and storylines.  

In this unique, one-of-a-kind, dual language, hardcover book, you’ll find custom graphics, art, cosplay influenced by Miyazaki’s characters, alongside personal tales of people from all over the globe. Take the journey through the stories with characters and delve into the fantastic world of anime.  

Order your copy today, and own the same book we’ve sent to Hayao Miyazaki as a “Thank YOU” on behalf of all of his fans.



  • Stunning 8"x8" hardcover coffee table book
  • Printed on premium paper
  • Written in English & Japanese
  • Over 70 pages filled with letters and pictures
  • Drawings & Art provided by fans
  • Private cosplay pictures taken by fans
  • Beautiful Miyazaki inspired graphics throughout the book
  • A beautiful tribute to the anime master
  • Perfect as a gift
  • · Made fully in the USA
  • · Not available from other sellers