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First Dog On Earth

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Sometime at the dawn of civilization, about 26,000 B.C., a litter of wolves is born. Not quite wolves, but something else. Though they share almost all of a wolf’s DNA, the 1% they don't makes them different from every other animal the earth has ever known.

For months their mother wolf tries to keep their differences hidden -- their larger eyes and more social and playful ways -- but the day comes when this can no longer be done. To save them from the alphas of her pack, she drives them off.

This is the story of how that first pack befriends humans, and how that benefits both the young wolves and the tribe they adopt.  The story is set against the ancient Chauvet Cave in France with its remarkable cave art and the footprints of a small boy and his dog as they walk together side by side as companions not prey. A never-before moment that changes the world forever.

As much as an adventure as First Dog is, it is something much more. The beginning of the greatest love story we have ever known, the origin of the most successful and profound partnership that has ever been. The everlasting, still growing love between humans and our treasured dogs.

How does it all begin? That’s the story of First Dog On Earth.


“Irv Weinberg's First Dog on Earth is an inventive look at the tribes of mankind as they evolve during prehistoric times, in which the first domesticated dog appears. Origin stories that reveal where beloved creatures and characters initially came from are all the rage these days, and First Dog on an especially good and unusual origin story. Who wouldn’t want to spend time imagining when and how what was perhaps to become humankind’s best friend in canine form first appeared? Loaded with ingenious ideas regarding, not only how and when the first canine appeared, but also things like how salt may have materialized in the life of ancient man, First Dog on Earth by Irv Weinberg is as artistically original as it is a fun read.”
- Indie Reader

"An original story, beautifully told. As I write this review, my dog Peaches sits by my side, her warm furry body resting on my foot. I feel the loyalty, I embrace the love. But where did this extraordinary man/dog connection come from? In this highly original novel, Irv Weinberg takes us back to the primal beginnings when a wolf and a man first conquered fear, tribal jealousy and a cold angry world--and learned to trust, protect, and love one another. The story is fresh, original and a great read."
 - Howie Cohen, Author, Advertising Creative Director, Clio Hall of Fame

"I was intrigued by a story of the First Dog on Earth, a topic I'd never even considered before. The author created a tale that was not only captivating, but very mind-provoking. Where DID humans learn so much of what we take for granted including our relationship with canines? This book is one of the best I've ever read and I highly recommend it."
- Thomas Ravey, CEO Habitat Verde

"First Dog, a beautifully told story of humans and the dog that changes everything, is engrossing, addictive, and very believable. All your emotions are in for an incredible ride as you experience our ancestors dealing with survival, jealousy, betrayal, war, discovery, art, music, and above all, love. It is the love story of all time between the first creature who saw us as a companion not prey. Be right there with them as they begin to evolve into who we are today. What a great read!"
- Lou Lamonte, Former Mayor Malibu, CA

"Irv (no last name needed), an author who weaves fiction into nonfiction like Dali blends the surreal into reality. First Dog On Earth is so much more than a book, it is a story of biblical significance. It is the story of hope, love, and humanity through the interrelationships of dog and man."
- Michael Smith, CEO Independence Lighting Corp

"I knew Irv Weinberg in the advertising business. He was known for his quick wit and brilliant use of words that so often had a sort of shock value alongside his humor! He created a legend of himself and now I am compelled to say he has written a legendary book. First Dog will not be the last we hear of Irv Weinberg. Of that I am certain."

- Elisabeth Noone, Voice-over/On-camera Actor

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  • 8" x 8" perfect bound softcover edition 
  • 354 pages
  • Printed on premium materials
  • Includes custom illustrations and cave art imagery

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Irv Weinberg is an internationally known marketing and advertising executive turned novelist with more than 30 years’ experience leading accounts for major brands. During his long Madison Avenue career, he led creative teams at the world’s premier advertising agencies, including Y&R, Wells, Rich, Greene, Lintas USA and Grey.

Irv has won every major award in the advertising industry, notably the Gold Lion at Venice, The One Show in New York and the Best 100 Commercials of all time, to name but three. His Dr. Pepper campaign is in the permanent collection of the Advertising Hall of Fame.
He is best known for creating The Magic of Macy’s; For the Seafood Lover in You (Red Lobster); America’s Most Misunderstood Soft Drink (Dr. Pepper); Just for the Taste of It (Diet Coke); and similarly iconic ad campaigns for British Airways, Continental Airlines and many more from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

As an entrepreneur, Irv co-founded Poochi, the world’s first, pet fashion company and the force behind America’s “dress your pet” craze, now global phenomenon.
His just-completed novel First Dog on Earth is the story of the first wolf to cross over, leave its pack behind and join the family of man.

Irv currently lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He has three kids, two dogs and one mission: to create stories that make you say wow. You can follow his ex-pat adventures if you Google "Blue-Eyed Boy in Mexico."

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