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If Not You Then Who? Educator Bundle

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The If Not You Then Who? Educator Bundle

The If Not You Then Who? curriculum is designed to show kids that anyone can be an inventor, and to teach them the problem-solving skills that inventor's use everyday. 
The bundles includes five picture books plus 30 Young Inventor journals and one detailed educator guide. The picture books show kids how ideas materialize into useful inventions and shares the backstory of items found in everyday life. The Journal teaches a kid-friendly innovation process and includes activities they can use to hone their skills. 

In this STEAM program your students will learn to:

Identify problems – Brainstorm solutions – Plan out their ideas – Test and refine their solutions – Present their inventions

The guide shows how the curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. It also includes lesson plans with worksheets and implementation guidelines for the classroom. 

The five books included in the bundle are:   The Inventor in The Pink Pajamas, Noah's Treehouse, Let the Games Begin, We're Going Green!, and Weekend with a Fashionista.

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