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Mia & Tiago Educator's Bundle - DELIVERY FALL 2024

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Join Mia and Tiago as they shoot for the moon with their very own business venture!

Based on the research of Professor Saras Sarasvathy and presented by The LendingTree Foundation, this series uses entrepreneurship principles and stories of successful, real-world companies to teach kids how to think like entrepreneurs.

The educator bundle includes all six Mia & Tiago picture books, plus 30 copies of the Entrepreneur in Me Activity Book and an educator guide. The activity book enables students to practice the six secrets of successful startups in detail, and to potentially create their very own first business venture.

 The Educator's bundle is designed in six lessons that can be integrated into the classroom curriculum, or run as a separate after-school or camp program. 

In this STEAM program your students will learn to:

  • Identify the skills, experiences and resources they have readily at hand that can be used to start a business venture
  • Move an idea from concept to market testing, and to adapt their ideas based on actual market feedback
  • Think about time, energy, money and resources as investments and to consider how much they are willing to invest and potentially lose
  • Present their ideas and ask for what they need in a way that increases their chances of success
  • Define productive and collaborative partnerships with people who are interested in their success 
  • Create offerings that solve real world problems, sometimes in a very big way. 
The educator guide shows how the curriculum aligns to the Language Arts and Science Standards. It includes assessment tools, lesson plans, classroom discussion guides, lesson plans, and implementation guidelines.
Shipping by August 2024. 

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