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Seduced by Sound

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Austin is known worldwide for its vibrant music scene. Why? The magic is in the musicians who play, night in and night out, in small clubs like the Continental and at big festivals like South By Southwest. In Seduced by Sound: Austin, 100 of the city’s best artists reveal why making music is not a choice – it’s something they have to do.

They share what inspires them, who influences them and how they write songs.

From well-known artists such as Alejandro Escovedo and Joe Lewis of Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, to the rising stars on today’s best-bands lists like Sweet Spirit and the Ghost Wolves, the artists of Seduced by Sound: Austin showcase the diversity and talent in this city humming with creativity. The book also pays tribute to some of the Austin music scene’s most influential people, as musicians share stories about master singer-songwriters Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark, guitar-slinger Stevie Ray Vaughan, and more. 

Listen to the voices of these artists, and you’ll understand why Austin, Texas, is the Live Music Capital of the World. 

Book Features

  • 312 pages, printed on premium paper
  • Embossed, linen-wrapped hardcover
  • Durable, UV-coated dust jacket
  • 8" x 8" square

Bonus Features

Every copy of the book comes with 56 downloadable tracks from the artists, including Jesse Dayton, Walker Lukens, Elijah Ford, Lincoln Durham, Shinyribs and more.
Weeva is proud to be gifting a portion of the sales proceeds to the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM), a local nonprofit that provides access to healthcare for the music community.

Included Tracks

The following 56 tracks are available for free download with each purchase of this book.  It's like getting 5 albums of Austin music - FREE!
  1. Alta Mesa - The Long Ride Home
  2. Amplified Heat - Hey Mademoiselle
  3. Amy Sue Berlin - Hard to Say Goodbye
  4. Annabell Chairlegs - All Black In The Sun
  5. Barfield - Tingaling
  6. Bat City Surfers - Slack and Hash
  7. Big Sugar - Natty Dread Rock
  8. Blind Pets - Big Kids
  9. BLXPLTN - Gun Range
  10. BP Fallon - Increasingly Often (Live on KUTX)
  11. Brennen Leigh - The Box
  12. Cartright - Jass Song
  13. Christian Bland and The Revelators - CB160
  14. Dawn and Hawkes - Almost Mine
  15. Doug Moreland - Deep Dark Blue
  16. Echocentrics - Canyon
  17. Elijah Ford - Hollow Years
  18. Emily Gimble - Have In Common
  19. Emily Bell - Goddess of Destruction
  20. Freddie Steady KRC - The Mockingbird
  21. Golden Dawn Arkestra - Clouds
  22. Happen Ins - Let You Go
  23. Holiday Mountain - Bump That Bass
  24. Jazz Mills - Sailor Boy
  25. Jenny Parrott and Meatloaf Spaceship - Stalking Those Stars
  26. Jesse Dayton - Mrs Vistoria (Beautiful Thing)
  27. Joe King Carasco - Mas Mas
  28. John Evans - Dust Bowl
  29. Johnny Falstaff - One Hand Tied
  30. Jonas Wilson - The Bleeder
  31. Jonathan Terrell - The Houston Blues
  32. Lincoln Duram - Creeper
  33. Mike and the Moonpies - Smoke Em If You Got Em
  34. Phoebe Hunt - Frolic of the Bees
  35. Rania Rose - Drum Machine
  36. Rob Townsend - Wherever You Go
  37. Roger Sellers - Tendencies
  38. Shiny Ribs - La Folie de l'Humanité
  39. Sideshow Tragedy - Let The Love Go Down
  40. Sour Notes - Do What May
  41. Sphynx - Orbs
  42. Steven Collins - Looking For Joy
  43. Sweet Spirit - Poor
  44. TeeDouble - A Believer
  45. Tex Smith - Where There Ain't No Blues
  46. The Deer - Errant Tree
  47. The Ghost Wolves - Journey On
  48. The Harms - Sound Dragons
  49. The Lonesome Heroes - Highway 287
  50. The Midnight Stroll - Call Me Back
  51. Union Specific - Mary
  52. Violinda - Mountain Laurel
  53. Walker Lukens - Every Night
  54. Warren Hood - Last One To Know
  55. White Ghost Shivers - Crosseyed Traffic
  56. Wild Bill and the Lost Knobs - The Show

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