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Supernatural Fanbook

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When a show connects fans around the world not just for the duration of the show, but for life, it creates a kind of family not everyone has.

The fan base for Supernatural has grown into a giant family, a place where everyone has each other’s backs, support and understanding – and it’s because of actors like Jared, Jensen and Misha that care about more than just their career and paychecks. You can see how personal they are in their interactions with the fans and it's an amazing experience. It's not just the show that makes the cast so amazing it's also the work they do privately, the causes they work with. They openly address depression and suicide, they share their struggles and create a place love, hope and encouragement that fans often don’t have in their life. There is a saying in the show “Saving People, Hunting Things - The Family Business”, but if we are honest here, they save people and lives every day, whether they know it or not. They make us laugh, smile and cry (from the feels), it just gives a sense of welcome to and from everyone.


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