The Colorless Chameleon

The Colorless Chameleon

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What does Chameleon do when she loses her colors? She gets them back, of course! And with a party coming up, there’s no time to spare. Join Chameleon on her journey through the jungle to learn how she goes from colorful to colorless and back again.

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"A lizard stands up for herself in this picture book. A creative, wonderfully illustrated tale emphasizing a valuable theme." - Kirkus

"THE COLORLESS CHAMELEON, written by Rachel Bostick and Hayley Irvin, and illustrated by Samantha Jo Phan, is a colorful children's picture book. THE COLORLESS cleverly written in a way so that children will understand Chameleon and relate to her problem (even some adults may relate). It’s important for kids to learn how to use their words to make themselves understood and this book teaches that lesson in a simple and fun way. Samantha Jo Phan’s lovely illustrations are well done and practically tell the story on their own. THE COLORLESS an adorable children’s book with an important message." - IndieReader

  • 8x8 hardcover with a dust jacket
  • Premium kid-friendly materials
  • 36 colorful pages illustrated by Samantha Jo Phan

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